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12 August, 2018

Welcome to Butzke History Online. This site started in the summer of 2018 with the goal of documenting the history and origins of the Butzke surname. I believe that it is important for us to know where we come from and that it is important to preserve the memories of our ancestors. I also believe that it is equally important to share any knowledge gained and that collaboration on research of this kind should be embraced.

Genealogical research has come a long way with the advent of the Internet. It is now possible to search and research original records, electronic databases, blogs and wiki sites which incorporate evidence, photographs, maps, newspaper articles along with a wealth of other information resources. 

Our goals are to document and share our ongoing research into the Butzke family and related families. We will also strive to provide resources that can assist others in tracing their own family history with a specific emphasis on the challenges of tracing German ancestry.

robert w butzke